Friday, June 23, 2006

Joyful Journey

I went out for a walk in this beautiful tropical garden to get some fresh air and to refresh my mind for my next painting. While I was enjoying the garden a saw some butterflies flying side by side. Touching and flying over the flowers and plants. I felt the joyful scene in these butterflies and I thought to myself these creatures do not worry of anything. They are always happy and even give joy to the person that sees them. I painted this subject and title it "Joyful Journey". This is in auction right now and will end today in the evening. You may check it out by clicking this link. Thanks for reading my blog.

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Windy Lampson said...

I've enjoyed looking at your artwork. I'm curious- how many hours do you spend on each painting? I've had a lot of trouble selling my work and I think it's because I have to price it so high due to all the hours I spend painting. I'm trying to cut my painting time down... but I haven't been able to do so without losing quality.