Thursday, July 28, 2005

"My Kingdom" Oil Painting $49.95, Bid Now!

Hi there,

This is my newest Red Poppy with a green Butterfly. This subject matter is popular in my poppy with butterfly series. This is newly listed in my Ebay art auction, with a very low starting price of only $49.95. The retail value of this is $500.00. If you want to bid or view my auctions just click the title above.

I titled this "My Kingdom". A butterfly would simply enjoy to rest in a place where she can get it all. Her food, a place to rest and her entertainment where she can say, this is my kingdom.

I am working on a black cat right now. The unique thing about this is that, this cat has a red flower on her head. She looks cute with it. She is recognize as a well respected and lovable cat portrait. Check this out in my next art auction this coming Sunday in the evening. Have fun and have a great day!

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Monday, July 25, 2005

"Colors Of Love" Original Oil Painting-Bid Now!

Hi guys,

Once again I am back blogging! I was busy painting for my new art auctions and on top of that I am packing and shipping my sold paintings. I am almost done with it so I got a chance to blog. Below is one of my new paintings that I just listed two days ago. It is listed for 10 days with a very low starting price of $49.95. The size of this oil painting is 16x12 inches, large, with a title: Colors Of Love. I have also in my Ebay Store a Red Poppy with green butterfly. You may check it out under my ID: paintingsjude. Bid now and you may win!

Flowers are symbols of love. If we have love we are walking in the light field with colors of virtues.

Thank you very much for viewing my art auction! Have a great day!


Saturday, July 02, 2005

"My Beauty" A Painting Of Love

Hi guys,

How are you doing? I was away from my blog page for a while without touching my blog but happy at this moment to have time to blog. I have been busy painting, listing, packing and shipping. In my short break I would like to share with you my new floral daisy painting. This painting is currently in auction. You may view my art auctions by clicking the link on the title above.

Red is stunning and calls for eyes to see and attracts people to do the love. The staructure of a daisy is circular and in this shape you will see that there is no point of end. It is never ending line. The love within this beautiful flower is never ending. This is a symbol of the source of love which I put into canvas and can be cherished by means of love.

Thanks for reading. I hope your enjoy this daisy painting. Have a great day!