Saturday, January 28, 2006

Butterfly Reveals Victory

I was inspired by the beauty of butterflies. They make me happy
and bring peace in my heart. They remind me of the freedom and peace
that our creator gave us. They also remind me of the victory and breaking
of the bondage of slavery in passion. I want to show all of these in canvas
and preserve the meaning that these butterflies reveal. The name of this
painting is "Victory".

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Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Divine Mirror

I was trying to think of an idea to paint when suddenly a landscape with a clear lake came to my mind. I was reminded of how when our hearts are not in peace will symbolize in a river that has a lot of waves. A mountain in the horizon will not be able to reflect its image on the lake, however if we are in peace, it is symbolized in a mountain that its image is reflected on a calm, clear, crystal lake like a mirror.

I immediately prepared a canvas to paint this idea and I titled this "Divine Mirror". The image of God is reflected like a mirror in our hearts in times of peace.
Ponder on this and will invite us to be at peace. This original art oil painting, which is currently on sale, can be purchased at my Ebay store by clicking at the title above or go to Ebay "art" category and find my ID: paintingsjude. Thank you for reading my art blog.

Saturday, January 14, 2006

My New Year Art Auctions

It was great to have time again to blog! I was so busy for the past few weeks enjoying the holidays with my family here in New Jersey, USA. I came back to my studio in New Jersey from my Costa Rica art scene. This new year is a miracle from God where I was inspired to bring back to Him what He had given me. I asked myself in what way? My answer is, I will express what He had given me in the form of a painting. Every brush stroke I will render is my "I Love You" to my creator.

I also reviewed what I had done in the past year in terms of my career as an artist. This year I will be more aware in promoting and selling my artwork to the people who will love my paintings. As you know that most often I auction my paintings to the best low price so the public will have a chance to purchase my paintings in a very affordable price. I am currently working on some new and fresh subject matters for my paintings this new year. I just started listing some new ones which you can find in my Ebay store. I invite you to join in the bidding and wish that you will win. All of these original oil paintings have very low starting price of $39.00 with a value of about $350.00 each.

Come and join my auction! You may click the title above or click the highlighted words to enter my auctions. I will be listing more original paintings everyday the best I can. Please bookmark my blog and check my new art auctions everyday. I wish you the best and blessed new year. HAPPY NEW YEAR TO YOU ALL!