Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Divine Mirror

I was trying to think of an idea to paint when suddenly a landscape with a clear lake came to my mind. I was reminded of how when our hearts are not in peace will symbolize in a river that has a lot of waves. A mountain in the horizon will not be able to reflect its image on the lake, however if we are in peace, it is symbolized in a mountain that its image is reflected on a calm, clear, crystal lake like a mirror.

I immediately prepared a canvas to paint this idea and I titled this "Divine Mirror". The image of God is reflected like a mirror in our hearts in times of peace.
Ponder on this and will invite us to be at peace. This original art oil painting, which is currently on sale, can be purchased at my Ebay store by clicking at the title above or go to Ebay "art" category and find my ID: paintingsjude. Thank you for reading my art blog.


kateysmith said...

This is my favorite by far. Absolutely breath taking. Very fresh.

Rebecca Grantham said...

These are gorgeous and vibrant.
Beautiful Joyous Work !!