Saturday, January 14, 2006

My New Year Art Auctions

It was great to have time again to blog! I was so busy for the past few weeks enjoying the holidays with my family here in New Jersey, USA. I came back to my studio in New Jersey from my Costa Rica art scene. This new year is a miracle from God where I was inspired to bring back to Him what He had given me. I asked myself in what way? My answer is, I will express what He had given me in the form of a painting. Every brush stroke I will render is my "I Love You" to my creator.

I also reviewed what I had done in the past year in terms of my career as an artist. This year I will be more aware in promoting and selling my artwork to the people who will love my paintings. As you know that most often I auction my paintings to the best low price so the public will have a chance to purchase my paintings in a very affordable price. I am currently working on some new and fresh subject matters for my paintings this new year. I just started listing some new ones which you can find in my Ebay store. I invite you to join in the bidding and wish that you will win. All of these original oil paintings have very low starting price of $39.00 with a value of about $350.00 each.

Come and join my auction! You may click the title above or click the highlighted words to enter my auctions. I will be listing more original paintings everyday the best I can. Please bookmark my blog and check my new art auctions everyday. I wish you the best and blessed new year. HAPPY NEW YEAR TO YOU ALL!

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