Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Wings Of Peace

Good day to all!!! Especially this day of Memorial Day long weekend. So, that is why the auction trafiic is very slow today. The reason being is that everyone is out enjoying the beginning of summer weeks. I just finished another butterfly painting titled: Wings Of Peace. Peace is the springtime of the soul. This moment of peace we can think right, work, play, enjoy the day, etc. There is no fear, no stress, just all serene and beauty within. This peace that we are enjoying is no other than our creator and giver of life that shines from within us. Enjoy His peace that we can live the best of life now.

Thursday, May 25, 2006

Garden Of Love

For those who do not know. I also have some prints of my original paintings. From small to big size prints (11x14, 16x20 and 20x28 inches). They are quality prints and archival. You may check them out in my Ebay Store. If you have any suggestions that you want me to create a print from the originals that you see in my auctions just let me know. I will be happy to put it in my store.

Above is my latest painting with a mystical touch. I created a tulip garden with three small butterflies enjoying the morning dew on the red tulips. These flowers are welcoming them and shouting to them their "I love you" at the same time the butterflies gave back to them the echoe of their love. They embraces their love and cheering to them the joy of the morning sun. I titled this: Garden Of Love. This is currently in auction and actually ending soon. So hurry up and check this out before you miss to bid on this. It has the lowest starting price of $39.95, acrylic on canvas, with size 20x10 inches. Thanks for reading my blog!

Sunday, May 21, 2006

Exchange Of Joy

As you all know I have a studio in New Jersey, USA and in Costa Rica where I am currently getting my latest inspirations to paint. About two weeks ago I was thinkinng on what to paint. A few butterflies came before my eyes along the corner of a bird feeder in a beautiful tropical garden where I am staying here in Costa Rica. I said to myself these butterflies have no problems they just fly with joy and beauty. When I saw these butterflies they were like magnets that drew joy in my heart. I finally created this painting above and title this: Exchange Of Joy. This is currently in auction with a very low starting price. This is one of my huge size paintings with three canvasses in acrylic paints. I invite you to check it out. Thanks for reading my blog.

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Image Of Love

This sunflower is another huge size acrylic painting I did. It has two paintings in one, ready to hang even without a frame. Every flower draws us to smell and kiss them. Thus every flower symbolizes the image of love. I named this: Image Of Love. This is currently in auction and will end in the next four or five days in the evening. To get more information please visit it in my art auction at Ebay or click the title above "Image Of Love" to view it. Thanks for your business and support.

Thursday, May 11, 2006

Painting More For Auction

I am very pleased to know that I am already putting my finished paintings in auction. This day is a bit busy and hectic especially that my new computer needs my important things to be in placed like my softwares, printer, scanner, etc. All of them were disconnected when my previous computer broke. My painting session and art auctions were delayed. Thank God that everything is getting in place. How I wish I would just paint without worrying about these things but I have to be connected to the world.

The painting above is one of my favorite abstract that I did. I would like to show the different divine virtues of the Holy Trinity. You see different hues of colors which suggested the colors of divine love. What is interesting here is that this actually are three paintings in one with a huge size that will cover your wall with beauty. This is in acrylic title: Triple Grace. This is currently in art auction with a starting price of $49.95.

Keep visiting my auction because there are more coming to be listed.
Have a great day. Happy bidding!

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Butterfly And Daisy

These are my newest art auctions. Finally I am up and running! I am back to normal. My computer was replaced to a much better one and I am shooting and listing one by one my new original paintings. By the way these are all in acrylic paintings on canvas. The colorful butterlies is 11x14 inches titled: Touch Of Joy and the red daisy has huge size about 24x20 inches titled: Kiss Of Joy. These are all running in auction. So take advantage. Check them out now. Thanks for viewing!