Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Wings Of Peace

Good day to all!!! Especially this day of Memorial Day long weekend. So, that is why the auction trafiic is very slow today. The reason being is that everyone is out enjoying the beginning of summer weeks. I just finished another butterfly painting titled: Wings Of Peace. Peace is the springtime of the soul. This moment of peace we can think right, work, play, enjoy the day, etc. There is no fear, no stress, just all serene and beauty within. This peace that we are enjoying is no other than our creator and giver of life that shines from within us. Enjoy His peace that we can live the best of life now.

1 comment:

Archana said...

Hi Jude
i like the strong vibrant colours you use. Your use of colour and strokes tells a lot about you.
I like the message you convey through your paintings.
keep on the good work