Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Butterfly And Daisy

These are my newest art auctions. Finally I am up and running! I am back to normal. My computer was replaced to a much better one and I am shooting and listing one by one my new original paintings. By the way these are all in acrylic paintings on canvas. The colorful butterlies is 11x14 inches titled: Touch Of Joy and the red daisy has huge size about 24x20 inches titled: Kiss Of Joy. These are all running in auction. So take advantage. Check them out now. Thanks for viewing!


Paul "FooDaddy" Brand said...

Wow. Some of these, "Touch of Joy" and "River of Life" in particular, are very good! I'm certainly no expert on style or anything, but I know what I like!

The Stupid Blogger said...

FooDaddy's right. These are fabulous. I also like what you put in your profile. "I am an artist who loves to paint what LOVE gives. I put into canvas what I believe..." I like that. Much better than someone who paints a type of picture simply because it's the latest thing. Excellent work.