Saturday, April 29, 2006

Waiting For Auction

I have finished some original paintings to list and still working on some new ones, however, few days ago I was about to list the first new ones but unfortunately my computer broke, so everything will be delayed for a few days. Sorry about that but I promise things will be okey and hopefully before the end of next week you will see my new paintings in auction. I have a few already listed few days ago, however those are the ones I had already in my store. Take advantage of these because they have great low starting prices. Bid now and you may win!

I am very excited about my new paintings because they have big sizes and new subject matters. I have sizes like 18x24 inches, three paintings in one listing and more varied big and small sizes. With regards to the subject matter, I have more new abstracts, florals, and butterflies all in huge sizes. I can't wait to list them all. Just keep on watching my auction so you won't miss it.

Above is one of my painting that I did in Costa Rica, title: River Of Life. Original art is available for sale in my Ebay Store. Soon prints will be made too. Please check it out. Thanks for reading my blog!

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

The Divine Sun

I am very busy as usual finishing my new original paintings to get ready for my new Ebay auction listings. I am finished with my mystical butterfly paintings. These are three paintings (triptych) with about 11x14 inches each when put together the size will be about 33x14 inches The paintings show a beautiful composition of 4 colorful butterflies flying in one line before a beautiful sunset. I am still thinking of what title to put on this. This should depict an inspirational and spiritual meaning. This is awesome! I am excited to list this in the next couple of days.

In the meantime the painting above have a big size too. There are two paintings which are a part of each other. Everytime I saw a sunflower it brings to my mind the beauty of the "sun". We all depend on the sun which gives us a lot of benefits to ourselves and the environment around. This painting symbolizes the greatness of our creator which is the "Divine Sun". This was already purchased by an art collector from Florida.

Friday, April 21, 2006

Creatively Inspired

It is a very sunny day here in Costa Rica. Beautiful morning with radiant blue sky, breezy refreshing wind, birds are singing and praising the beauty of nature. It is an awesome day! I went out for a walk to get some creative inspirations to re-charge my creativity and continue my painting escapade.

I am working on a big red daisy acrylic painting. Over here in Costa Rica dasies are growing abundantly. I picked it us my favorite subject this time. These are two paintings (diptych) with a huge size of about 12x28 inches each and when put together will be approximately 24x28 inches. The daisy flower is close up with luscious red scarlet petals. This is one of my favorites among the big paintings that I am working on now. I can't wait to list it! Hopefully this Sunday pm will be its listing time. I will also post an image of it here in my blog soon.

Acrylic is one of the most durable medium. I thought that I would give it a try to start my new paintings in auctions in this medium. It has many advantages aside from its fast drying ability. I am sure it will increase my productivity. Okey please keep on visitng my auctions it will be showing at Ebay art category soon.

Thursday, April 20, 2006

Colors Of Resurrection

I am very excited to start listing my new original oil paintings soon
which I am painting on the spot in the tropics of the beautiful country of
Costa Rica. I arrived almost two weeks ago in my nature field art studio here
in Costa Rica after my five month painting sessions in my New Jersey USA
studio. I have been selling successfully my paintings from Costa Rica and
from New Jersey for the past year and a half. I have some new
unique original painting ideas with big sizes that will be listed hopefully this
Sunday or middle of next week.

I think I have been away for quite some time already in my art auction listings. I am sure a lot of my followers are wondering...."where are Jude's art auctions?". Well very soon you will find my new stuff coming so keep on watching my Ebay art auctions.

Easter season is a very important event for me. It means new life and victory. It reminds us that we have to embrace happiness and peace. Our loneliness or sadness does not have the right to exist anymore. Be happy but the genuine one which is "inner joy"!

The painting above which I listed for auction few weeks ago is a very appropriate one for Easter. This painting shows the colors of what I meant above. In the next few days you will see my new original paintings in auction. There will be a lot coming so keep on visitng my art auction in Ebay. To find me type my ID paintingsjude in the art category search box. Thank you for reading my blog.