Thursday, April 20, 2006

Colors Of Resurrection

I am very excited to start listing my new original oil paintings soon
which I am painting on the spot in the tropics of the beautiful country of
Costa Rica. I arrived almost two weeks ago in my nature field art studio here
in Costa Rica after my five month painting sessions in my New Jersey USA
studio. I have been selling successfully my paintings from Costa Rica and
from New Jersey for the past year and a half. I have some new
unique original painting ideas with big sizes that will be listed hopefully this
Sunday or middle of next week.

I think I have been away for quite some time already in my art auction listings. I am sure a lot of my followers are wondering...."where are Jude's art auctions?". Well very soon you will find my new stuff coming so keep on watching my Ebay art auctions.

Easter season is a very important event for me. It means new life and victory. It reminds us that we have to embrace happiness and peace. Our loneliness or sadness does not have the right to exist anymore. Be happy but the genuine one which is "inner joy"!

The painting above which I listed for auction few weeks ago is a very appropriate one for Easter. This painting shows the colors of what I meant above. In the next few days you will see my new original paintings in auction. There will be a lot coming so keep on visitng my art auction in Ebay. To find me type my ID paintingsjude in the art category search box. Thank you for reading my blog.

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