Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Morning Bath

It has been a busy week but thank God I was able to manage and finish the big painting that I was commissioned to do. This is a different one than the ones I did for myart auctions. This painting portrayed the interest of the person who commissioned me. She was inspired to asked me to do this painting because she loves her life where she grew up and reminded her of the beautiful memories of her past especially where they used to live in a place with refreshing landscapes with mountains, colorful flowers and golden rice fields. I took what my client loves and put it in canvas with my creativity and my own composition. This art piece showed also what I love to do and believe, "There is a relationship of love in all created things". This painting is displayed in her beautiful house in Piscataway, New Jersey, USA. The title of this painting is "Morning Bath", original art oil painting, size 36width x 48height, 2thick, inches stretched canvas. Thanks for reading my blog.

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Anonymous said...

Oh, this is so exciting to see the finished "big project". This is so beautiful, what a wonderful job you did creating her wonderful memmories, now she can enjoy them everyday. Keep up the great work!!!