Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Exchange Of Love

I have been busy for a couple of weeks finishing my big commission painting. Finally it is done! I just delivered it this afternoon to the house of this art lover. She was so happy to see it and hung it right away in the middle of her living room. I can't wait to share an image of this art piece with you. Soon I will show it here in my blog. Because of this I have not listed my art in auction for a while. Aside from my commission, I am working on some new prints that I will be listing soon in my Ebay store. Actually I just listed a few today. One is a lavender phalinopsis and the other one is a fantasy floral art with hummingbird. I will be listing some more prints soon especially my cat prints.

This print is one of my favorites and has a very affordable price of $55.00. I will be offering discounts in my Ebay store soon. So keep on visiting my store. I titled this Exchange Of Love. This was inspired from the beautiful country of Costa Rica. The place where I live has a beautiful tropical garden with hummingbirds visiting me occasionally while I paint. Everyone of us want to receive love and eventually give this love back to the giver. In this reciprocal exchange of love alone can satisfy us perfectly. "If we Love we will in return receive Love".

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Michelle said...

This is such a beautiful vibrant painting Jude, I really love your use of colour!