Thursday, November 10, 2005

Union Of Hearts

For the past few days I have been busy preparing my reproduction giclee prints
to be delivered in Si Como No, Regalame, an art gallery here in Quepos, Costa Rice. I was thinking about some painting ideas and a thought came to me. How can I put into canvas an image of "union of wills"? When we joined our hearts together with our creator we fused our hearts with Him as one. This only happens when we dispose our hearts to be selfless and desire to posess the heart of the divine being thus we become one in Him. This is called "union of wills.

I thought about a daisy painted in two stretched canvases. I created it in such
a way that the part of the canvas is the part of the other. This painting perfectly simbolized my thought. This is currently in auction with a very low price but with
a great value. To see this just click the title above. Thank you for viewing
my blog. Have a great day!