Tuesday, February 14, 2006

My Valentine Red Rose

Valentine's Day is the day of the hearts. It is widely celebrated
expressing each others love. I have been waiting for this day to paint
something that I would like to express to everyone what I meant about
this meaningful day. Above is the new original oil painting I just
created which expressed what I meant about LOVE.

The truth is we can not see the love hidden in each flower but we
can see it if we desire to act this love. In each flower, there is a
voice that wants to be heard. The words of the "I Love You". The flower
finds us to let her sweet scent be smelled and be delighted. It grows in
the garden to be noticed, adored and enjoyed. She needs the voice of our
hearts so that she will no longer be mute but can speak the "I Love You"
that she's been waiting to receive from us. The truth is the source of
its life is no other than our Divine Creator who is also the source of
love. Let us be the voice of LOVE.....to give LOVE and to be LOVED.

A lot of my clients were asking me before if I have a red rose with
figures same as the Blue Rose painting with figures that I did before
which you actually find in my Ebay store. Their dreams came true! I realy
meant to do one that is red and it is very timely when
a client of mine called me few weeks ago to commission me to do one.

I was commissoned to create this original oil painting as a Valentine's
gift for his wife. The size of this painting is 16"x20" on stretched
canvas with a title
"Fruit Of Love". This original art has a new home together with his other
art collections in Queens, New York. Quality prints of this painting
will be availbale soon at my Ebay store. If you want to receive updates
of the up coming prints please let me know by sending me a message thru
my website. Happy Valentine's Day!