Sunday, June 25, 2006

My Love For You

I love tropical flowers and one that strikes me so much is the red hibiscus. This kind of hibiscus is very common here in Costa Rica. One sunny morning I just happen to jog around the neighborhood, I saw this beautiful red hibiscus in a park in front of San Rafael church. I took one flower and brought it in my studio. This flower became my model of the day. Flower draws so much love to us and gives us inspiration to give it as a symbol of love to others. I name this "My Love For You". This original acrylic painting on canvas is currently in auction for ten days at my Ebay Store with a very low starting price. I invite you to check this out. Thank you for reading my blog.

Friday, June 23, 2006

Joyful Journey

I went out for a walk in this beautiful tropical garden to get some fresh air and to refresh my mind for my next painting. While I was enjoying the garden a saw some butterflies flying side by side. Touching and flying over the flowers and plants. I felt the joyful scene in these butterflies and I thought to myself these creatures do not worry of anything. They are always happy and even give joy to the person that sees them. I painted this subject and title it "Joyful Journey". This is in auction right now and will end today in the evening. You may check it out by clicking this link. Thanks for reading my blog.

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Kiss Me

My favorite tuxedo cat. I painted this again since a lot of my followers were requesting me to do so. Anyway I love cats and it makes me happy to create another one. I made her with a flower on her head. I think she looks cute with that. The title of this piece is "Kiss Me". A lucky bidder from New Jersey won this beautiful feline art in my art auction at Ebay. I am working on a big yellow hibiscus acrylic painting and soon it will be listed in auction. It is a diptych (two canvases) painting about 22x28 inches when place together. By the way just to let you know I have sign up for and I posted mostly my prints and cards art in this website. Please check it out because they are on sale right now. Thank you for reading my blog.

Friday, June 09, 2006

Flight Of Happiness

I am kind of a little stress at this time but I said to myself I do not have to stay like this. I am going to rule over my emotions. I am going to choose to be happy. This painting that I recently created will remind us to stay happy all the time. To fly to the heavens and enjoy the peace. Simply to enter into our interior where the divine being resides and there we can find true peace. The title of this painting is "Flight Of Happiness". Currently in auction with a very low starting price. I invite you to check it out. It is ending soon! To view it just click the title above. I hope you enjoy this painting. Thanks for reading my blog.

Thursday, June 01, 2006

Faithful Love

I thought about contemplating on the word LOVE. It means so much to all of us! It is the greatest! Don't we feel good if someone told us "I Love You"? Isn't it refreshes our whole being. Let us go even further to know this. I remember these words of wisdom that I read...."The 'I Love You' is everything! The 'I Love You' is love, veneration, esteem, heroism, sacrifice, and trust toward whom it is directed. The 'I Love You' is to possess Him who encloses the 'I Love You'. The 'I Love You' is a little word but it weighs as much as all Eternity! The 'I Love You' encloses everything; it embraces everyone; it diffuses itself; it draws near; it elevates itself on high; it descends even into the buttom; it imprints itself everywhere and never stops"....

This painting of red tulips was inspired by these words above. That is why I made a title for this "Faithful Love". A lucky bidder from New York won this painting in my art auction in Ebay few days ago. This is one of my series of huge size paintings in acrylic. I will be creating another one similar to this and list it in auction hopefully next week. Keep on visiting my auction so you won't miss it. Thanks for reading my blog!