Friday, June 09, 2006

Flight Of Happiness

I am kind of a little stress at this time but I said to myself I do not have to stay like this. I am going to rule over my emotions. I am going to choose to be happy. This painting that I recently created will remind us to stay happy all the time. To fly to the heavens and enjoy the peace. Simply to enter into our interior where the divine being resides and there we can find true peace. The title of this painting is "Flight Of Happiness". Currently in auction with a very low starting price. I invite you to check it out. It is ending soon! To view it just click the title above. I hope you enjoy this painting. Thanks for reading my blog.

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Shilo said...

Hi Jude!
Hope you're feeling better today. I've been in the same kind of strange mood too. Must be going around?? lol

Anyway, your paintings sure do cheer me up!

I came to let you know my site has moved and give you the new site addy my main site has changed also to

Hope all is well!
talk with you soon,
Kim (Shilo)