Saturday, April 29, 2006

Waiting For Auction

I have finished some original paintings to list and still working on some new ones, however, few days ago I was about to list the first new ones but unfortunately my computer broke, so everything will be delayed for a few days. Sorry about that but I promise things will be okey and hopefully before the end of next week you will see my new paintings in auction. I have a few already listed few days ago, however those are the ones I had already in my store. Take advantage of these because they have great low starting prices. Bid now and you may win!

I am very excited about my new paintings because they have big sizes and new subject matters. I have sizes like 18x24 inches, three paintings in one listing and more varied big and small sizes. With regards to the subject matter, I have more new abstracts, florals, and butterflies all in huge sizes. I can't wait to list them all. Just keep on watching my auction so you won't miss it.

Above is one of my painting that I did in Costa Rica, title: River Of Life. Original art is available for sale in my Ebay Store. Soon prints will be made too. Please check it out. Thanks for reading my blog!

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Anonymous said...

So Beautiful. Makes me want to pack my bags for Costa Rica.