Thursday, May 11, 2006

Painting More For Auction

I am very pleased to know that I am already putting my finished paintings in auction. This day is a bit busy and hectic especially that my new computer needs my important things to be in placed like my softwares, printer, scanner, etc. All of them were disconnected when my previous computer broke. My painting session and art auctions were delayed. Thank God that everything is getting in place. How I wish I would just paint without worrying about these things but I have to be connected to the world.

The painting above is one of my favorite abstract that I did. I would like to show the different divine virtues of the Holy Trinity. You see different hues of colors which suggested the colors of divine love. What is interesting here is that this actually are three paintings in one with a huge size that will cover your wall with beauty. This is in acrylic title: Triple Grace. This is currently in art auction with a starting price of $49.95.

Keep visiting my auction because there are more coming to be listed.
Have a great day. Happy bidding!

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