Thursday, July 28, 2005

"My Kingdom" Oil Painting $49.95, Bid Now!

Hi there,

This is my newest Red Poppy with a green Butterfly. This subject matter is popular in my poppy with butterfly series. This is newly listed in my Ebay art auction, with a very low starting price of only $49.95. The retail value of this is $500.00. If you want to bid or view my auctions just click the title above.

I titled this "My Kingdom". A butterfly would simply enjoy to rest in a place where she can get it all. Her food, a place to rest and her entertainment where she can say, this is my kingdom.

I am working on a black cat right now. The unique thing about this is that, this cat has a red flower on her head. She looks cute with it. She is recognize as a well respected and lovable cat portrait. Check this out in my next art auction this coming Sunday in the evening. Have fun and have a great day!

Bye now!


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Nina Kuriloff said...

This is a beautiful painting, Jude.

Jude said...

Thank you Nina! I love butterflies with poppies. I saw your paintings too. They are beautiful!