Friday, July 07, 2006

My Treasure

This is my latest original acrylic painting in canvas with a title "My Treasure". This subject with a flower and a butterfly touching each other is a new composition that I did. I usually create thru immagination with little reference that I can find. Mostly it came from my own thoughts. When I painted this interesting subject I was thinking of this divine wisdom, "all created things, near and far, known and unknown, have one single sound "I LOVE YOU", and each of them carries a distinct LOVE.

The butterfly have a distinct love that it carries to the flower and this flower has also a distinct love that it brings to the butterfly. Both of which were created to bring the Divine Love of our creator to all of us. This is currently in auction at Ebay Art category and will end soon. Check it out by clicking this link. You may also go to my website and find the link that pertains to my art auctions. I wish that you win this painting. Happy bidding!


shilo said...

Hi Jude!
Glad to see you're back and everything is looking great! For a few days, I was unable to bring up your blog at all...I was only able to see your background and nothing more. Very happy to see you back again!

Gorgeous painting too! I love the beautiful way you describe it and the divine love. :D

Keep up the great work and have a fabulous day!!

cj. said...


Beautiful work. Very impressive and keep up the good work. I will be back to visit and have emailed to a friend of mine.