Monday, July 10, 2006

Divine Destiny - Click Here To Bid

I was so busy painting and varnishing some of the artwork that I have just finished which I am planning to list in auction. Some of them will be sold with a fixed price thru other websites that sells art. Sometimes I was so engrossed painting that I forgot the time and I realized that it was already late past midnight. I could hear the crickets singing and calling me to sleep.

One of the best thing that I have accomplished so far is that I have finished one painting (triptych) with three canvases on acrylic medium which I gave a title: Divine Destiny. I am thrilled to list this in auction because I want to express what I thought about when I painted this. I want everyone to know that this art piece has a spiritual inspirational meaning which was based on a divine message that I was inspired and moved to paint.

....."All created things were made for man, and all of them run toward man. They have no feet but they all walk; they all have motion, in order to find man and to be found by him. The light of the sun starts from the heights of the heavens in order to find the creature, illumine her and warm her. The water walks to reach even into the human bowels, to quench her thirst and to refresh her. The plant, the seed, walks - opens the earth and forms its fruit to give itself to man. There is not one created thing that does not have a step, a motion, toward the one to whom the Eternal Maker had directed it in its creation to bring His LOVE to man...."

This painting is currently in my auctions at Ebay with three canvases in huge size under animal category showing colorful butterflies in a sunset background. I invite you to check it out and see what I have done. Thank you for reading my blog.

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