Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Gifts Of Love

I love painting at night where there is no one to bother me. I just hear the sounds of the crickets which entertain me while I paint. But it is all different and even better for me to paint in the morning where the rays of the sun brings the perfect lighting to paint the right color to choose and brilliance that it brings to the canvas. My latest painting is three red daisies which I title, "Gifts Of Love". When we express our affection to the person that we love, we utter the three words, "I Love You". These words have life! They have the power to bring joy, contentment, security and peace to the one that is being love. These are the gifts that we receive if we are loved.

This painting speaks of what I want to say. Currently it is for sale at my Yessy.com shop for $150.00, but in the evening of this date I will list this for auction with a very low starting price. Check it out and find it by clicking the title above. Thanks for reading my blog.

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