Thursday, May 26, 2005

Newly Listed Painting!

Hi Guys,

I just finished this beautiful red daisy in oil. I created this in a different composition that the other one I did before. It is darker, deep red and has yellow center part. This is one of my best collectible paintings of flowers. I just recently listed this in auction at Ebay. For those who want to have a collection of my art the best way to get it with lower price is in auction.

Artist Statement:
I titled this "Pure Heart". All things created came from a Divine substance without a stain of impurity. In this red daisy hiddenly contains the never ending source of light and love. There is an exchange of love emanating from this flower to all that sees it. Aren't you attracted by just looking at it? Aren't you enticed by its beauty that brings joy & peace to your heart?

Enjoy my red daisy!


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1 comment:

OldGuy said...

The daisy is stunning.

I've never seen a red one before and the details are amazing.

You do excellent work :)