Friday, May 13, 2005

More Art In Auction

Hi Guys,

Sorry I have been absent for quite a few days. You know why because I have been painting and painting and I forgot about my blog. I will tell you what happened. I have painted about 10 to 20 paintings which I have sold all in auction. I can't believe it! This is my first year seriously selling my paintings original art in auction specifically in Ebay.

Right now I just finished painting a red catleya orchid. One of my favorite flower to paint. I have been wanting to paint that since then and finally I had a chance to do it. It is in oil on canvas panel 11x14 inches. Check it out! It is in my Ebay page under art category. Find my ID: paintingsjude. Okey guys I will be back again to my easle and continue to paint. I am going to create a poppy flower with a butterfly. Also a tuscany landscape in sunset and morning scenes. I am having fun! See you later then.


Ebay Ebay ID: paintingsjude

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