Wednesday, May 18, 2005

I'm Painting A Lot

Hi guys,

Just back to take a break! I have been working a lot these days trying to cope up with my weekly goal; 1 painting a day. My hands are tired and my back is aching but it does not bother me beacause I love what I am doing. I just finished one red poppy with a yellow butterfly. I titled this "rest in me". Creating this painting makes me feel relax and rested even if I am tired.

Artist statement: The love that makes creation wants to find a space in its creation to let its love rest but rest in its own love. The life in the butterfly is given by love and this same love is found in the red poppy. They meet together and found themselves similar with no foreign elements but identical love. So with this there is no conflict but peace and tranquility is its bed and its blanket to make them rest but rest in love.

This particular piece of art is currently in auction in Ebay. Remember my ID: paintingsjude. I am also working on a sunflower in oil and a tuscany landscape. I will list both tomorrow afternoon. I do not know yet the title. I will ask my interior helper. Okey guys. I will see again! Have a great day!


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