Saturday, May 21, 2005

My Handsome Rooster

Hi guys,

I am back to my blog again! I should be blogging more often so that you will not miss the beautiful thing that I am experiencing in my canvas. Here in Costa Rica I have a chicken pet or I should say pets since they are many. They are called bantam chickens. They look like dwarf chickens. Big heads, round body with long tails. They are pretty and so cute. I thought of painting one of them for the longest time and this is the great time to do it. I choose the red one since he is so handsome that all the hens can not resist him. Well anyway I painted his portrait with pink empesian flowers in his front. He always dig around it anyway to find some delicious worms to eat.

Artist Statement:

We love chickens....I love it....! In return these chickens bring joy to us. Makes us feel peaceful and happy. This LOVE is eternal within these creatures. It needs someone to share it. To nourish it and to be nourished by it. When you see this painting you will experience the joy that comes forth from the LOVE that this creature have and we also have. It is preserve in the canvas.

This is currently in auction at Ebay. I invite you to visit it by viewing the link below and decide for yourself if you want to own a masterpiece that brings this joy. Have a great day!


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