Thursday, February 04, 2010

My Red Hibiscus Painting In Progress

This is my new commission painting of two big red hibiscus flowers acrylic on canvas in big size. As you can see in the photo the image is not detailed yet. This is just the first base of colors. I did the sketch and texture first then I applied the first layer of colors. Right now I have progressed ten times more than this. I will be showing you how it looks soon. Actually before I begun I went outside the park and took photo shots of the real hibiscus flower. This serves as my reference while I paint.

The day of the hearts is fast approaching! I painted a tuxedo cat with a red flower on her head. I thought about using this image as a Valentine's Day card. You can buy a few to send to your loved ones!

This image of my colorful butterfly art is my best seller in Currently I sold 25 pieces of these from one buyer. Consider collecting this or buy some for your own greeting card needs.

This painting is one of my favorites and also the favorite of my fans. I painted this to depict the power of life which is love. This image symbolizes it in a surreal and dramatic way. You can purchase this as a poster or card.



I have a new cat art on mousepad. Check it out below!
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