Thursday, February 18, 2010

Been Busy Lately!

It's been a busy week! When I came back from my vacation in New Jersey I was swamped with work that I have to do especially preparing my up-coming art shows this April. It looks like I have 3 shows coming up. That means lots of paintings to prepare and show. One of them is that I was invited to join and exhibit my work with two other artists in a cultural festival of music, food and art in one of the five star hotel resorts here in Costa Rica hopefully this April, The Springs Costa Rica. I'm excited about this! Well anyway I will be posting this in my blog as this event unfolds. Below are two of the four products with my paintings that were sold the other day thru my Zazzle gallery.



I have a new cat art on mousepad. Check it out below!
You can also see my paintings printed on different product
lines: like cards, mugs, t-shirts, postage stamp, etc.
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I also do original art paintings of dog & cat portraits,
landscapes, flowers, commercial illustrations, etc. and I sell quality
prints. Scroll down to view them at my website links below. If you know
someone who might be interested please forward this to them. Thanks!


This is my dog and cat portraits. View
my dog & cat art in this link

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