Thursday, June 23, 2005

I Name This "My Offerings"

Hi guys,

I have been busy that I did not have the chance to blog but I am happy because I was able to finish the paintings that I will schedule to list soon. My creative energy is becoming stronger and full of life. I owe this to the power within me who embraces the whole universe. Below you will see one of my painting that has just ended in auction. One lucky buyer had it and will enjoy its beauty in her wall.

I titled this painting "My Offerings". Each flower contains the whole mystery of the eternal life that makes the universe works and moves. These flowers are the perfect object of my offerings since it has the "all" that contains in each of them. It is fulfilling and it is satisfying. I will have some more paintings to list in auction. Check them out right now. You may be the winner! Until my next blog. Bye now!

All the best,

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