Wednesday, June 08, 2005

I Titled This "New Life"

Hi there,

Once again I finished my painting titled "New Life". It is in oil on canvas panel. Currently listed in my Ebay auction. This is valued at $400 but at great deal you can get it at $39.95 only in my online art auction. Check it now.

Artist Statement:
Did you ever see a cocun or a caterpilar changing to a butterfly? When it is a caterpilar worm it looks ugly and slow but after it is transformed to be a butterfly it is change to be pretty. She became beautiful, colorful and free. I see this as a simble of new life. A life full of missery to have made a decision to change is great! His life now is transformed to be glorious and beautiful! This is what I portrayed in my new painting.

Have a great day!


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Nina Kuriloff said...

This is so very beautiful. I like the attention to detail here very much and the use of color is excellent!