Wednesday, December 01, 2010

My New Painting Exhibition

20% de descuento: todos pinturas
originales y reproduciones

20% de descuento: todos pinturas
originales y reproduciones

20% de descuento: todos pinturas
originales y reproduciones

20% de descuento: todos pinturas
originales y reproduciones

(English version below)

Estos son algunas de mis nuevas pinturas y reproduciones que voy a mostrar a mi exposición. Consiga 20% de descuento en todas las originales y reproduciones en tamaño pequeño o grande! Valido sólo del 8 al 12 de diciembre 2010.

Le envito a venir a mi 5 dia exposicion colectiva de arte, EMBRUJARTE-4, en la Plaza de San Rafael de Escazu donde esta el Centro Comercial Plaza Colonial o frente de la iglesia San Rafael de Escazu. Del 8 al 12 de Diciembre, Miércoles al Sábado 10:00 am
al 9:00 pm, Domingo 10:00 am al 8:00 pm. Encuéntreme en stand #4, cerca del lado izquierda de la tarima. ¡Venga y celebre el arte con nosotros!

Voy a mostrar mis nuevas pinturas, originales y las reproducciones en
giclees. ¡Una gran idea del regalo para este Navidad! Traiga este cupón
para conseguir 20% de DESCUENTO en cualquier compra de mi arte (válido
sólo 8 al 12 de Diciembre 2010) cupon: ARTJUDESHOW. Venga y traiga
a sus amigos! Véale allí!


These are some of my new paintings and prints that I am going to show to my exhibit. Get 20% OFF to all originals and prints in small and big sizes! Good only from Dec. 8 to 12, 2010.

I invite you to come to my 5 day art show together with other artists,
EMBRUJARTE-4 in the Plaza of San Rafael Escazu, where the Plaza Colonial Shopping Center is located or in front of the San Rafael church in Escazu, from Dec. 8 to 12, Wed. to Sat. 10:00 am to 9:00 pm, Sunday 10:00 am to 8:00 pm. Find me at booth #4 near the left
side area of the stage. Come and celebrate art with us!

I will be showing my new original paintings and prints. A great gift
idea for Christmas! Bring this coupon to get 20% OFF DISCOUNT in any purchase of my art (valid only Dec. 8 to 12, 2010). Coupon: ARTJUDESHOW.
Come and bring your friends! See you there!



I have butterfly art on postcards. Check it out below!
You can also see my paintings printed on different product
lines: like cards, mugs, t-shirts, postage stamp, etc.
Just go and visit my Zazzle art shop:*

I also do original art paintings of dog & cat portraits,
landscapes, flowers, commercial illustrations, etc. and I sell quality
prints. Scroll down to view them at my website links below. If you know
someone who might be interested please forward this to them. Thanks!


This is my dog and cat portraits. View
my dog & cat art in this link

You can find my art stuff at the following links below.
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Tanya Boracay said...

I really loved this first painting, it looks real and beautiful

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"The voice of parents is the voice of gods, for to their children they are heaven's lieutenants. " -- Shakespeare

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How to paint landscapes said...

Nice Painting! Great job on the first one! thanks for sharing!...Daniel

heartbug said...

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oloidifemi said...

hi, your abstract painting is distinctively alive and lively and also astonished with colour celerity. I like the theme, and condensed manner of colour and character you use in you works, they are recognizably natural. Are you a painter? I am a painter and also a model and a fashion designer too. I just impeccably adore your work with complete accordance of nobility. Keeps the distinguished spirit of creativity burning. Take care and stay blessed artistically!!! King femi…

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