Tuesday, October 14, 2008

My Black Cat Painting Art Print

This is a cute black cat painting with her friend yellow butterfly. This is a quality print with size 11x14 unframe print for only $18.75. Check this out and purchase in the link. Click to purchase


You can also buy my products with my paintings printed on it;
like cards, mugs, t-shirts, postage stamp, etc. Just go
and visit my art shop at: http://www.zazzle.com/juderm*

I also do original art paintings of dog & cat portraits,
landscapes, flowers, commercial illustrations, etc. and I sell quality
prints. Scroll down to view them at my website links below. If you know
someone who might be interested please forward this to them. Thanks!


Before you move ahead I would like to let you know that I also do dog and cat portraits. View my dog & cat art in this link.

You can find my art stuff at the following links below.
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My Paintings at

My Floral &
Landscape Art

My Prints at Etsy.com

My Paintings at Yessy.com

My Cards T-Shirts Mugs etc.
at Zazzle.com

My Dog, Cat &
People Portrait

My Illustration Portfolio

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My Main Art Website


DJ Choppercat said...

Hi from TIKI TOON at zazzle.com aka Wesley Miller aka DJ Choppercat too. Using google chrome and have a Favorites folder called 'everything google' as well as a huge collection of twitter[ers] that zazzle, too. So I check everyday at Google Blog Search and narrow the results for 'zazzle' to the day. That is how I get here.

BTW, I am a cat person my whole life tried and true and have made my DJ name after my current feline here in San Francisco, Chopper. Illustrations in my shop include the Cheshire Cat [my interpretation] and Chopper, too.

Your work is truly beautiful and vibrant and there is a famous California artist who passed some years ago from Breast Cancer. In her late stage, she was an advocate for awareness but started in the Haight Ashbury of San Francisco selling her cat paintings on the streets. Her art has now gone corporate on designers beddings, linens and more ...dammn, if I cannot remember her full name..Dianne something ..HMMM. Will get back to you soon.

Check out my TIKI TOON blog to find my zazzle, too.

gTalk: tikitoon
twitter: tikitoons

:) meow

Bejeweled said...

Hi there!

Thanks so much for stopping by my blog! Yes, it was your cat art that got my attention :) I love the eyes .. they just glow from within. Like stained glass, but with more depth and vibrancy. Just lovely!

On a Whimsey said...

Just love your work! It is so vibrant. It actually reminds me of some of my encaustic paintings.

Jude said...

Thank you very much for all your wonderful comments! It is a pleasure to meet you thru my blog. Have a great day!


Ebb Tide said...

Hi Jude! Kumusta? Where are you now? You know, I sent my art brochure to your home address in New Jersey. You might not receive it yet since I didn't get your reply. Yesterday, I posted photos of my recent art show. Take a look.