Thursday, March 27, 2008

Inspirations Behind Bamboo Painting

I just want to let you know that the concept or idea behind my paintings is about this thought, "There is a relationship of love in all created things". I paint with a spiritual and inspirational meaning. This was purchased by a wonderful american couple from Costa Rica during my art show last month at Art Expo Escazu in Costa Rica. Below is my artist statement that explaind my inspiration behind this bamboo painting.

(original acrylic painting)

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There is a relationship of love in all created things! If you will
observe the bamboo inside and outside it has a spiritual meaning. The
bamboo symbolizes the qualities of God. If you will open and cut one of
the bamboo shoots you will see that it is empty and hollow inside which
gives their nature to be: pliable, graceful, grows fast, long and
perfect as if to reach heaven. It always points upward towards the sky
and even at night it glows with the reflection of the beauty of the
moon. The moon cast its light to show the beauty of the bamboo
and eventually brings this elegant and magnificent scene.

Like the bamboo we have to be empty of anything that is not of God
interiorly and exteriorly so that we can be filled with God's divine
qualities to make as strong in virtues with His divine strength. Like
the bamboo we have to have always the intention to love looking only on
the things of heaven and not the things of the world. We have to have
the spirit of joy within us and even in times of trials we have to
become the joy of Jesus like the beauty of the bamboo in the darkness
of the evening tinted with the lovely glow of the moonlight. We have
to radiate the peace and love of God like the silence of the tranquil,
blue tinted night embracing the graceful lovely bamboo.
Praise be Jesus Christ!

Philippians 4:7-8


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Waterrose said...

What a cool painting. Just when I change from a beachy/nautical theme to tuscan!

Jude said...

I love your work! Thank you for the wonderful comment on admiring my blue bamboo painting. Your blog have so much interesting topics. I will put time to read them especially the interview format. Have a great day!

All the best,
Jude Maceren

Ebb Tide said...

The Bamboo painting is very colorfyl. Thanks for the beautiful thought about the bamboo. I like painting bamboo too.

Jude said...

Hi Ebb Tide,

Thank you for admiring my bamboo painting! I appreciate your nice comment. Have a great day!


Anonymous said...

I typed in spiritual meaning of bamboo and this was my first link. I love the painting! I have a bunch of bamboo in my back yard and as I was picking up my daughters dresser drawer off the floor (after an autistic fit,) I had noticed the printed picture of bamboo in the drawer and underneath it says aloha, then I looked out the window and realized god was sending me a message as I laid my eyes apon my own bamboo. Thanks for explaining...Sometimes having three kids with autism I need to be reminded we are all one and are connected through the divine within us.
~angelic human~
angels walking a human path to help reconnect ;)