Thursday, June 21, 2007

Peaceful Tropical Seascape

I am happy to share with you my latest original painting. I was commissioned to paint a seascape with a beach scene forest that will suggest tranquility. This is a challenge because my client wants me to match the colors with her new sofa in her living room. I went outside the tropical garden where I live and shoot a couple photos of red hibiscus. I took some of my beach photos as my reference of the water. This is in acrylic about 30" x 35" huge size with 2" thickness canvas. My client was so happy when I sent this original art to her. She hung it in her living room which matched the colors beautifully. This was sold for $375.00. If you want me to create a new painting of your own idea just contact me and I will be happy to paint it for you.

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ming said...

nice style and design

morinn said...

hi! i love this painting! it reminds me of where i live! the flowers and the trees! ;)
take care