Sunday, January 14, 2007

Mystical Seascape

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This new year I am going to voice out my philosophy behind my painting that, THERE IS A RELATIONSHIP OF LOVE IN ALL CREATED THINGS. Think about it! Look around you. Observe the plants around your garden, look at the butterfly that joyfully flies on top of the flower, the bird that chirps on your peaceful garden, the happy waves on the seashore, and so on and so forth. This painting speaks about what I believe.

This is a quality open edition print from my original art watercolor painting. This surrealistic seascape print is unframed and it is at 11x14 inches in size printed on a glossy smooth, basic card stock, ultra-heavyweight paper. This print is imprinted with a unique process that imparts a rich depth of imagery. The title of this print is: MYSTICAL SEASCAPE. You can BUY IT NOW for $55.00 or make your best offer to purchase this item.

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