Thursday, September 14, 2006

My Painting A Day Project

This is my favorite butterflies original painting! I made it colorful to suggest the beauty that brings to us when we choose to have a new life to a bright direction. This is currently in a ten day auction with a very low starting price of only
$49.95 painted on stretched canvas acrylic paints, ready to hang even
without a frame. This painting is inline with my PAINTING A DAY project.

I have one cat painting that is going to end soon. This is a black
cat with a red flower on her head original acrylic painting. It is
on stretched canvas ready to hang even without a frame.

You can read more information in details by going to my Ebay Store link
below or copy and paste the link below at your web browser to view the
listing. I also have some other paintings of series of daisies and more.
Bid now and you may win!

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1 comment:

Shant said...

I liked the way you did the movement marks around the butterflies.