Sunday, August 13, 2006

Sunset Peace

It is always raining here in Costa Rica but it only rains in the afternoon and very sunny in the morning which I like though. One day I went to a nearby resort with swimming pools and beautiful trees surrounding them. The interesting thing here is that the water in the pool is a natural spring water coming from underground to the pools. I was walking in the field and saw some beautiful bamboo trees and behind them is the beautiful sunset almost resting to meet the night. I painted this scene and called it "Sunset Peace". This painting reminded me the thought that at this time of the day everything that is created are looking for a place to rest after a tiring day. Interior rest is the true rest where we have to silence our inner hearts from anything that disturbs our peace. This is true rest, "interior peace". This painting is currently in auction with huge size painted at two stretched canvases, ready to hang even with no frame. You may check it out to see how it looks. Thank you for reading my blog.

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