Thursday, October 27, 2005

River Of Life

It is a hectic and busy day for me today. I almost forgot to blog my new painting. Well anyway this painting will make me feel refresh and I know this will make you feel the same. This is one of my favorite piece which I called "River Of Life". This is done in oil on wood panel in a surrealistic style, size 16x20 inches. I came to Costa Rica and visited for a couple of months to start my fine art painting series. As I was traveling and went to a rain forest, I saw a couple of big silvery blue butterflies flying around a dense thick forest moving towards a couple of great cascading waterfalls. They flew back and forth as if they were kissing the forest and waterfalls saying to them, "I Love You". It was an amazing experience! As I watched them they seemed to portray what I wanted to paint perfectly expressing my own philosophy. I felt in my heart that this whole scene will bring joy, peace and sense of life to everyone who will see this, so I wanted to capture what I felt and experience and put it in canvas for everyone to see. Now it is finished and I am happy to show this to the world. This original art oil painting is currently for sale in my Ebay Store. You may click the title above to read more details. I am also planning to sell some prints of this in the future. Thanks for reading my blog. Hope you enjoyed this painting.


jayne d'Arcy said...

This one is really wonderful to sit down in front of and just stare at it and feel it. There's so much to see... the tiny red flowers, the ripples in the water and so on.

kateysmith said...

You are a wonderful artist. Once upon a time I painted with oils on canvas, before children. Now I paint murals with acrylics. Not nearly as vibrant as oils but at least I can still practice. Thanks for sharing. I adore your art.

Jude said...

Hi Jayne,

Thank you for admiring my art! Doesn't it look very refreshing and it radiates peace? I am happy to know that my painting communicates the effects of LOVE.

All the best,

Jude said...

Hi Keshia,

I thank you for loving my paintings! You have a very beautiful website. You are very creative as well.

Best regards,

Rashmi Kayala said...

This is a beautiful piece of art! I loved the imagination behind it and the color composition is amazing!

Great work! If you get a chance do visit my blog to view my artwork at:
and for my writings at:

You are welcome to critique my work. I love to learn!

deeksha said...

hi jude this is deeksha from india.your paintings are realy very beautiful n heart touching.i m not a proffesional artist.i want to show u my few paintings which i paint on canvas at my home,pls tell me ur email address whenever u have time.i will be really thankful to u.i realy want to learn a lot from u. thanku.