Thursday, September 22, 2005

Glory For You! A Painting Of Praise

Once again I finished a painting that I really love to do! It is a yellow poppy original art oil painting. I should say poppies since there are two flowers in one canvas. Before I created this, I observed the energy of praising the beauty within the flower. But I go even deeper to the point of painting the very source of these praises. In these two poppy flowers I see the glory of the creator of the universe. I want everyone to see His praises by means of viewing this painting. The fact that by just viewing it we are drawn to its beauty and thru it give Him praises for His magnificent creation.

This piece of original art was auctioned in Ebay two weeks ago and won by a collector from Florida. If anyone is interested of a quality print of this one just send me a note and I will have you one available. Thank you for reading my latest art blog. Have a great day!

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Shelly said...

Very nice. I saw your blog link on the BE forums. See, putting your URL in your sig can help. I'm adding your blog to my Bloglines subs. :)