Thursday, January 06, 2005

I Finished The Tulip Painting

Hi there,

I am so excited to finish my tulip oil painting! I was trying to figure out what color would be great for this. I thought red tulip is beautiful. I colored it red with streaks of yellow to suggest highlights. This painting is a floral subject matter with two big red tulips showing some leaves. The background color is purple with some touch of burgandy to suggest shadow areas. I would like to show to everyone the love that this painting captivates. The beauty of tulips attract the viewer to touch it and caress it. Its beauty reflects the love it has within. As if the flowers have life uttering to me "I love you". By its astonishing beauty it is created to give love that is long lasting to the mind and heart of the beholder. I painted this beauty to exchange the love it radiates to me and to all. In a few days I will be listing this tulip art in an art auction. This can be viewed in my website.

All the best,

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