Wednesday, January 05, 2005

Getting Ready To List My Paintings For Auction

Hi there,

I am Jude Maceren an artist by profession who is base in New Jersey USA. I really love to share my feelings inside as I paint the subject matter I love. Please excuse my writing if I have written with bad grammar. My wish is to express my inspirations as I paint. I am an illustrator for the past 14 years and finally got a chance to create my fine art work which I really love. I started my fine art work about 4 years ago with a medium in watercolor mainly floral subject matter. I was inspired to paint flowers when I visited the beautiful country of Costa Rica. As I create more paintings I tried oil as my medium to paint which I really love. By the middle of this week I will be posting my original oil paintings in auction from floral to tuscan landscapes and cute cat art. I will be showing you some of them as I progress creating. Basically my purpose of painting is to show to the world that there is a relationship of love in every creating thing. Please stay tune as I will try my best to write what I paint in this journal. Have a great day!

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