Monday, March 26, 2012

Learn SEO For Art Marketing

A Few months ago, I became interested in learning about SEO marketing, which I am applying now to my art marketing plans. After learning it for the past couple of months, I came to realized that we could also use this in promoting our Zazzle products, fine art and commercial art sites. If you are not into art, this SEO strategy is also applicable to any type of products or services which I will explain in my upcoming posts. I encourage you to sign up to my blog and submit your email to follow my future posts so that you won't miss the SEO strategy that I will be revealing to you. Stay tuned!

Before you begin reading this I would like to thank you for stopping by and giving me a chance to write this article and share with you the knowledge that I know about SEO, which I am hoping will be a great help for you to apply in your online sales success. I will do my very best to share with you what I know.

Perhaps most of you do not know yet what I am talking about with SEO. What is SEO? It is called “Search Engine Optimization.” It is a process to get traffic or visitors to your site in a natural or organic way to help search engine rank your site higher in search activities. Using this effectively to sell online is our goal.

I want to be an instrument to begin your road to online marketing success. This will be a great solution to most of our concerns in how to make money as an artist or how to make money online in general. 

What Would You Expect in This Blog?

You will be able to follow my progress studying SEO marketing and apply it in your online business as you learn. You will begin promoting your products online in a new and effective way. You will discover a better way on how to sell your art online. Your website’s income will improve as you apply this knowledge. You will see case studies of sites using this SEO marketing techniques.

Having this knowledge about SEO marketing, I started creating a few websites. One of my affiliate sites which is non-art site, has started making revenues already. I begin to see results coming in after the many hours I spent learning this. You will see insights of some of my site’s progress in my upcoming posts.

Get Results

In months of learning this SEO marketing techniques, I have seen people who have this knowledge created sites and earned a great amount of money on autopilot. They started their online business with low overhead and promoting their products or services by just using the internet and the computer at home.

I will give you an example to show you how this works. Let us say you created 10 mini websites ( 3 to 5 pages) where each of them promoting a specific product like; digital camera, shed plans, baby scooter, plasma tv, cell phone, shoes, etc. Each of these sites generating an average sale of about $100 to $500, or more each month. If you will do the math for 10 sites with sales of $100 to $500 each, will generate a total amount of around $1,000 to $5,000 per month. I will show you how this will translate to our Zazzle products. For those of you who don't know, is a great website where you can create different kinds of products with your art printed on it.

Let us say you have chosen 10 product types; postage, iphone cases, cards, water bottle, business cards, etc. and you created a mini website to each of these using the SEO strategy. After applying this process, each of these generated an average sale of $50 to $300 or more each month. So with 10 sites you will generate about $500 to $3,000 or more sales per month. We can even increase more our income by creating more than 10 sites selling other kinds of products with quality content.

After learning the secret, I found out that creating sites to sell our products is not just joining forums, commenting on blogs, or telling your friends and prospects about your business but it is more to that. It all depends on applying SEO in your website’s marketing activities.

In my upcoming posts I will reveal to you the secret knowledge of SEO marketing that I have learned so that you can apply them to any product lines or services that you are thinking of selling online. I created a few sites already applying this knowledge, however, I have not applied this yet to my Zazzle product lines. I am sure this will have a great improvement on our site’s income. I am planning on working this and I will let you in this blog how it goes.

Base on the examples that I mentioned above I can see that we can increase our Zazzle sales by applying this SEO techniques and not only useful for art related products but also to any products that are being sold online. On my next post, I will show you how this will be effective in generating income to our sites. Do not forget to subscribe to my blog so that you will not miss this!

What's In Your Mind? 

Is this SEO information helpful to you? Do you think this will be useful to sell your products online and help you in your art marketing plans or any online business? What do you think? I would love to hear your thoughts and questions about this subject, so share your words below and let us discuss this further!


Jude said...

I sent my next new post in this blog few days ago. Hope you read it. Thanks!

maigi said...

Hey, Jude! Thanks for your post! All of this is a really great advice, but my question is, how to manage to do all of this, and leave the time for the most precious time when you create your artwork. Nowadays artist should be managers, blogers, SEO experts, programmers, advertising agencies and so much more... we would need more than 24 hours in a day. How do you manage to do all of this?

Jude said...

Yes Maigi that is a great question...time management! I also have difficulty on doing my art at same time marketing. The best advise is to prioritize what is important and don't do many things at same time. Some people outsource the part that they can't do or the ones they need help to finish. In my case I do all of them and I just do the things I can handle right now and maybe in the future if things go well I will outsource some activities. Thanks for posting Maigi!